Rail Technology

Dry-type transformers, inductors and filters

Components from Schaffner are used in the drive units of rail locomotives, coaches and wagons. They ensure an efficient flow of energy and reliable operation. They also prevent interference in onboard electronics. Schaffner’s offering includes auxiliary transformers, reactors, harmonic and EMC/EMI filters and proven, computer-aided measuring and test procedures. Schaffner is the only manufacturer in the international arena to supply magnetic components for use in rail technology and broad-based applications know-how from a single source.

Magnetic components for rolling stock

Schaffner develops and manufactures a wide range of traction-grade magnetic components, including auxiliary transformers, steel core chokes, air core inductors, and various types of filters. They fulfill the demands of international railroad standards in terms of mechanical, electrical, and safety requirements. High levels of protection against the ingress of dirt and moisture make them suitable for extreme environmental conditions like those found in roof or undercarriage installation.

Schaffner customers benefit from years of experience in traction engineering, resulting in magnetic components with lower losses, less audible noise, higher mechanical strengths, less weight, and with more compact dimensions.

EMC/EMI filters for rolling stock

As the international EMC specialist, Schaffner is able to offer high quality custom EMC/EMI filters and EMI suppression chokes for rail traction application. These include higher power DC and AC filters for propulsion converters as well as filters for auxiliary systems like HVAC, lighting, galley, doors, control and communication equipment.

Schaffner EMC/EMI filters help to ensure the reliable and fault-free operation of many electrical and electronic devices within the train by suppressing interference and by increasing conducted immunity.


Harmonic filters for railroad, light rail and subway station infrastructure

Schaffner ECOsine passive and active harmonic filters are the worldwide industry standard for improving and ensuring power quality. ECOsine passive filters change variable speed motor drives virtually into linear consumers, drawing almost a sinusoidal current from the grid (THID <5%). ECOsine Active triple duty filters dynamically compensate harmonic currents, correct poor power factor, and perform load balancing jobs.

Both solutions are key to relief the electrical infrastructure in train stations, increase their service life, and help to avoid power quality related system downtimes.


IRIS certification

Schaffner is currently in the process of obtaining the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) certifications for the factories in China and Germany.

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