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Efficient EMI suppression with Schaffner filters

It’s a well-known phenomenon: you switch on the vacuum cleaner at home and the TV screen starts to flicker. Two electrical devices can be prevented from interfering with each other by using EMC/EMI filters – in particular single-phase and IEC inlet filters. The same applies to network-related interference. Schaffner components in power supply units guarantee the flawless functioning of electrical and electronic devices, including computers and printers, electronically operated fitness equipment and slot machines.

As process automation and complexity increase, the risk of a malfunction caused by electromagnetic interference and the need for corresponding EMC/EMI filters to ensure flawless functioning is steadily growing. In addition to solutions for traditional areas of application like office equipment and vending machines, Schaffner also develops and produces an increasing number of EMC/EMI filters to support the reliability of modern self-service machines like ATMs, check-in and ticketing machines, car park pay machines or return systems for recycling bottles and cans. Medical technology is also an important area of application for EMC/EMI filters and power quality components. Diagnostic and measuring equipment, X-ray machines and computer tomographs have to meet maximum security requirements and must function flawlessly at all times.

Schaffner solutions for electronic devices and power supplies

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