Machine Tools and Robotics

Smooth and reliable operation of machines and systems

EMC/EMI filters are widely used in machine tools like milling and punching machines and lathes, in packaging machines and printing presses, and in robots for the automotive industry. These machines are usually electronically controlled and have to meet the most exacting standards even though they are subjected to extreme stress and strain. The sensitive electronics must be protected from network faults which can interfere with the process quality and the reliable functioning of the machinery.


Reduction of high-frequency interferences for an uninterrupted production system uptime

EMC/EMI components reduce to the prescribed limits the high-frequency interference originating from electronic drive units for motor shafts and servomotors, and guarantee uninterrupted production systems uptime. EMC standards have become established in Europe as the actual quality certificate for machine tools.

The use of Schaffner EMC/EMI filters and line reactors enables the systems to function reliably. A professional measurement and testing service also helps customers to check that their machinery and systems around the world conform to EMC standards and to adjust them if necessary.

Machine tools and machine centers are increasingly equipped with robot cells which contain handling robots. Here, too, EMC/EMI components ensure problem-free operation. Schaffner components can be found in industrial robots for paint lines and welding robots in the automotive industry, as well as in production facilities for semiconductor manufacturing.


Schaffner solutions for the machine tool and robotics industry

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